Recommended NVIDIA® GPU driver for 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN

To have a quick overview about the certified NVIDIA® GPU drivers and  3DEXCITE DELTAGEN versions, we created a handy chart for you. In some cases it could be possible that your installation uses a different driver e.g. in Scale environments. If no GPU driver is mentioned for your DELTAGEN version, you can always use the certified driver of the previous version.

Please always mention your installed NVIDIA® GPU driver version and your DELTAGEN build number when you send us a support request.

IMPORTANT: For usage of the Nvidia Quadro M6000 please see the posting in our blog before you order your M6000 card!

For more detailed information please also refer to the appropriate DELTAGEN Release Notes.

 DELTAGEN 2017x Refresh 1  2017.1.71422  375.86 4.)
 DELTAGEN 2017x  2017.1.70595  361.912.), 354.993.)
 DELTAGEN 2017  2017.0.68629  361.91 2.)
 13.x Version Family
 DELTAGEN 13.1.1  13.1.69058  354.56
 DELTAGEN 13.1 Hotfix  13.1.68405  354.56
 DELTAGEN 13.1  13.1.68046  354.56
 DELTAGEN 13.0  13.0.66895  348.17  1.)
 12.x Version Family
 DELTAGEN 12.2.3  12.2.68261  354.56
 DELTAGEN 12.2.1  12.2.66119  341.05
 DELTAGEN 12.2  12.2.64482  341.05  
 1.) required for 12GB M6000 2.) required for 24GB M6000 3.) increased Stellar Rasterizer performance; no 24GB M6000 support 4.) required for P6000 GPU