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Installing 3DEXCITE DELTAVIEW on your workstation as well as activating your license is an easy task. Just follow the steps in the three sections Software Download – Software Installation – License Installation below. You need administrator rights for installing both, software and license. For details, please see the linked Installation Guide.

Downloading The Software Package

1. Via Your FTP Client

For experienced users and IT administrators, we recommend to download our software with a FTP client of your choice. We recommend to use FileZilla on Windows systems, for Mac users is Cyberduck the choice. Please keep in mind that our softwares is designed to run on Microsoft Windows only.

  1. Start your FTP client
  2. Enter the server and login details:
    Server name: ftp.rtt.ag
    User name: DeltaViewFree
    Password: dmkWaAwe
  3. Download your software package into a target directory of your choice on your system


2.Via your Browser

Click on this Link. A new browser tab will open, offering to download the installer via your browser. Right click on the .zip package and choose “Save as…” in the context menu. Store the installer package in a directory of your choice.

Installing The Software

  1. Unzip the zip package into a directory with roundabout 10GB of free disk space
  2. Enter the directory you unpacked the installer to
  3. Run the Setup.exe file. The installer dialog opens with an overview of the different components to install. Hovering over the different components displays the content of the component.
  4. Click on Install 3DEXCITE Software. Accept the terms of the license agreement, choose a directory where the software gets installed, etc.
  5. For more detailled steps, we recommend to download the Installation Guide


Note: When asked, we recommend to Install the FlexLM software if not already installed with another software package. You will need this when you install your license after the software installation.

Installing Your License

Installing your license is done in less than five minutes. You will love it. For the description below, we assume you have installed the FlexLM software and use a local (node locked) license:

  1. Click on the Windows® Start Button > All Programs > Dassault Systemes > 3DEXCITE > Licensing > License Folder. The directory C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\3DEXCITE\FlexLM opens.
  2. Copy the RTTLMD.lic license file you got via email into that directory.
  3. Execute the “start_licenses.bat” batch script in the very same folder.
  4. You are done. Enjoy your 3DEXCITE DELTAVIEW

For more details about how to license 3DEXCITE DELTAVIEW please see the Installation Guide.